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The biggest party of the year happens once again, as the Rio Carnival 2018 draws nearer. The Rio Carnival is an annual event wherein people from every corner of Rio and from all over the world gather and celebrate a whole week of never ending samba music and dancing. During carnival week, you won’t have a hard time finding a party to attend since you can find one almost everywhere.

There are street parties in every corner, you can also choose to attend the carnival parade and watch the different samba schools samba all night in their colorful costumes, or attend the glamorous carnival balls in some of Rio’s most prestigious hotels and nightclubs.

Once you’re in Rio during the carnival week, you’re sure to have a great time.

The evolution of the Carnival

The extravagant and colorful parties and parades that we know did not start out that way. The very first carnival which happened in 1641 was in a form of a masquerade ball.

Shortly after that, in the early 1700s the Portuguese changed the whole scheme of the Rio Carnival. When the Portuguese came, the carnival became a gathering wherein people throw mud and water at each other.

Through the years, the carnival slowly became a more elaborate street event wherein parades where held every year. The carnival was usually celebrated only by the masses, but in the 1800s even the members of the elite started to participate by having carnival balls. The very first carnival ball was mainly polka and waltz dancing and was even hosted by the wife of the Italian ambassador. Neighborhoods started to host their own street parties, and the blocos were formed.

Every year these neighborhoods would take part in the parade with colorful costumes and groovy samba music. The past years have all been fun and exciting, but there is so much more to expect and see in the Rio Carnival 2018

The African Samba Influence

Once you get to watch the Rio Carnival parade and stand in awe of the wonderful productions of each samba school, you can’t help but notice that each dance is quite similar to an African tribal dance. The beat, the costumes, the dance steps, and the unity of the dancers projected strong African influence. During the time of the

Portuguese occupation in Brazil, they brought along African slaves who influenced Rio with their upbeat samba rhythms which defined the modern day Carnival. A lot of the slaves stayed in Rio and contributed to making Rio the center of Samba culture.

The Samba Schools – The Highlight of the Samba Parade

Samba Schools originated from the street parties of Rio. These Samba Schools are the highlight of the Rio Carnival Parade at the Sambadrome and every year one school gets to bring the championship title. Each Samba School spends all year round making costumes, creating the choreography, and producing the infectious Samba beat to make sure that everyone will have a great time at the Rio carnival parade.

The very first Samba School was the Mangueira. This group came from the slums of Rio and is currently one of the schools with the most followers. Aside from the Mangueira, other popular Samba schools in Rio include the Beija Flor, Mocidade, and the Grande Rio. To get a closer look at each of the Samba Schools, you have to visit Samba city where all the ‘behind the scenes’ action happens. Here you can find people creating costumes and rehearsing for the parade at the Sambadrome. All the sweat and tears pay off during the Rio Carnival once the crowd cheers and supports them.

The Sambadrome

At the Marques de Sapucai Street, you will find the Sambadrome which houses the biggest samba parade of the year.

The Sambadrome is the brainchild of Oscar Niemeyer and is the main venue for the biggest parade of the carnival week. Once inside, you will see the Samba runway where each samba school will dance their heart away. Almost 80,000 people can choose to watch at the private seating area or at the grandstands.

At the Rio Carnival 2018, with the newly renovated Sambadrome the carnival experience will be even better as the samba schools perform once again in front of the energetic crowd at the Sambadrome. Don’t be shocked if you see some of the most popular industrialists and celebrities watching, since each samba school has its own roster of famous supporters. A team of 40 judges will award points based on numerous categories and will then decide which group will bring home the coveted prize.

King Momo - King of Carnival

The Rio Carnival 2018 Parade begins as the King Momo is handed the keys to the city. Once he is handed the keys to the city he then gives the signals for the celebrations to begin. After King Momo is crowned the Access or Gold Group's Parade follows and will be the first group to parade inside the Sambadrome.

The Samba Competition

As the Rio Carnival 2018 draws nearer, everyone’s excited about the carnival parade competition and who will win the year’s championship title. The competition will kick off with the Access or Gold group which is composed of Samba Schools all vying for a spot in the top 12 for next year.

The Access or Gold group performs on Carnival Friday and Saturday followed by the Special Group which is composed of Rio’s elite samba schools who will perform on Carnival Sunday and Monday. The winner is announced the next day as the panel of 40 judges announces their verdict.

The Rio Carnival Balls

If the carnival parade is simply not your style, you can do other things at the Rio Carnival 2018. Get a chance to mingle with the members of the elite at some of Rio’s most prestigious carnival balls.

There are so many carnival balls to choose from once you’re in Rio but if you want to spot some of the most popular personalities in the world, do head out to Copacabana Palace’s extravagant Magic Ball. You can also choose to head out to the Scala Rio Nightclub.

The Scala Gay Ball is the most popular out of the 6 carnival balls held here and is popular with different types of people, whether straight or gay. Book your ticket early since tickets to these balls sell out quickly.

Street parties in Rio

If the Rio Carnival Balls seem to be too expensive for you, the Rio Carnival 2018 will also be filled with numerous street parties. The elite may be partying in wine and champagne at the carnival balls but everyone else can be found dancing and partying in the hundreds of street parties held all throughout the carnival weekend.

If you decide to attend a street party, you don’t have to worry since these are free, so all you have to do is to walk in and start dancing.

Some of these parties happen even before the carnival week starts. You can expect some of the best groups in the Rio Carnival 2018 to bring their floats to the street parties of Rio and infect everyone with their original samba beats and dance moves. So join in the party and experience a celebration that you will never forget.

How to prepare for the Carnival

The Rio Carnival 2018 is now closer than ever, but how do prepare yourself for the party of the year? Remember that it’s not only you who wants to attend the Rio Carnival 2018, there are thousands of others who will be coming from all over the world. The best thing to remember is to book your flight ahead of time so you don’t run out of rooms or tickets to come to the carnival’s main events. Join the Rio Carnival 2018 and get ready to party all nightlong!

Rio Carnival

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