What's Happening at the Rio Carnival 2018

The Rio Carnival 2018 is approaching. Start Planning Your Journey and Reserve Tickets in Advance

Most often than not, when someone mentions the city of Rio de Janeiro, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is the image of festive celebrations out in its streets.

The city is truly world famous for its street parades, Carnival balls, and parties everywhere that are held a week before Lent, giving the locale a distinct character and attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors yearly. Every year promises a whole new experience, making the Rio Carnival 2018 one of the most awaited events today.

How It All Began

Tracing its roots back to as early as the 1700s, the Carnival started out as one of the things the Portuguese immigrants brought to the country.

It has always been an excellent healing event, as it has always allowed participants to detach from their worries and just have fun despite the hardships that people were going through. Starting out as a simple event involving friendly street fights to a full blown masquerade ball, and the grand festivity that it is today, the Rio Carnival is not only a fun occasion but is also a showcase of local history.

From being a celebration for the rich, beginning as a masquerade ball hosted by an Italian ambassador’s wife in 1840, it has developed into a community event, as evidenced by blocos, or smaller and more localized celebrations.

The Sounds of Samba!

Like in the past celebrations, the Rio Carnival 2018 is also an excellent opportunity to dance to the tune of the samba.

The Samba is a famous Brazilian dance that is an integral part of the Carnival. If you’re in Rio for the celebrations, do visit the Sambadrome as it will provide the most excellent exposure to Rio culture. By doing this, you can witness different samba schools compete for the highly revered Champion of Champions.

They will be showcasing their talents for five nights during the festival, providing an awe-inspiring sight for spectators. Aside from a show at the Sambadrome, samba schools contribute excitement and fun to the Carnival.

Not only will they provide show stopping dance numbers, but they will also portray a specific theme which they will interpret through dance and production.

The schools will not only choreograph a routine, but they will also compose a song, make a float, create costumes, and do parades out in the streets. They basically create entire shows, making them some of the most important elements of the Carnival.

What to Expect When Attending the Carnival Week

There will be tons of exciting events during the Rio Carnival 2018 so be ready to rearrange your schedule to fit everything in. To get the most out of the occasion, it would be best to come prepared and know what to expect to see and enjoy while in the city. There will definitely be something that will suit everyone’s taste, preferences, and interests.

The Carnival kicks off, however, with the crowning of King Momo. This will usher in a great party, where rules are disregarded. The Sambadrome events will immediately commence and showcase performances by adults and children alike. The best schools will be awarded during Ash Wednesday and will perform once again the following Saturday. As most festivities go, the Rio Carnival 2018 will definitely be composed of a lot of dancing.

Carnival balls will be held in various parts of the city, in different hotels and locations. The most prestigious, however, is the Magic Ball at the Copacabana palace Hotel and the Scala Balls. The Scala Balls come in various forms, with the Red and Black and the Gay Balls being the most popular.

The Magic Ball is more for the rich and famous, being the most expensive of all the events in the city during the Carnival week. Street parties are also among the top events enjoyed during the Carnival.

The city will be in full blown party mode during this time of the year, so it is easily expected to have parties at almost every street corner. These small festivities are organized by blocos and samba groups mainly, which involves a lot of dancing, parades, and fun.

Be a Part of the Carnival

Also dubbed as the “biggest party in the planet”, the Carnival is a well attended affair. It attracts millions of tourists from every part of the globe. Everyone who wants to take part of Rio’s rich culture and heritage choose this specific time of the year to soak up on local traditions, history, and customs. If you want to take part in the Carnival, planning in advance would be your best ally.

Booking tickets and hotel rooms as early as now for the Rio Carnival 2018 will help you get ahead from the droves of tourists who will be flocking the city for the celebration. Come armed with a taste for fun, open-mindedness, and enthusiasm for something new and exciting, and you’ll surely enjoy Rio’s annual Carnival.

Rio Carnival

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