You Will Love the Devassa Balls

The Gala City of Rio Ball, Grande Baile Gay, Fun Carnival Ball and Others are all part of the Amazing Devassa Carnival Balls.

The warehouses located at the Píer Mauá or Rio port are where you can find the Devassa Balls. The parties have slowly gained prominence over the years through word-of-mouth advertising by satisfied party-goers.

Some even suggest they are better than the commercial balls hosted by Rio Scala Nightclub, which are considered mainstream and by association, less trendy.

The balls at Rio port usually begin at 11 o’clock in the evening and lasts until morning. So better catch up on your sleep the day earlier or the morning after because you are going to need all your energy to stay with the dancers and crowd.

Costumes are not a necessity although you are encouraged to wear your most creative and outrageous outfit to fully experience the true spirit of the events. If you have no time to spare, make sure to book tickets on the following events: Fun Carnival Ball, Feijoada do Amaral, Gala City of Rio Ball and Grande Baile Gay, the culminating party that is considered to be the best and rowdiest among the Devassa Balls.

Modern technology and old-world tradition

You can find the best samba musicians in Rio at these balls, which speaks volume about their significance.

During the Fun Carnival Ball, which happens during Carnival Sunday and Carnival Monday, you can watch the parade of the top samba schools at the Sambadrome in real time on large projector screens, along with hundreds of people milling and dancing at the Devassa Balls.

Famous street bands are invited to help stir the crowd into a fever-pitch state.

A week of partying at the Rio port

The balls are kick started by the "Baile de Gala da cidade do Rio de Janeiro," which begins the night King Momo officially opens the Carnival. Throughout the night, the most talented bands and the best DJs regale the crowd by playing the samba through very loud acoustics.

The event is followed by "Baile Devassa" then the Feijoada do Amaral, which is the ideal time to go if because of the chance that you might spot a celebrity. The Fun Carnival Ball takes place for two straight days in time for the parades at the Sambadrome. The Devassa Balls culminate with the "Grande Baile Gay," and judging by the satisfied feedback, the cariocas really know how to end a party.

Rio Carnival

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