Attending the Rio Scala Balls

The Rio Scala Balls with their Characteristic Private Parties are an Integral Part of the Carnival Tradition.

Aside from the balls at the Copacabana and Ipanema, another place proves to be one of most sought after destinations at the carnival. The Scala Rio Nightclub is famous for the 6 Rio Scala balls held simultaneously.

Located right next to the City Theater in downtown Rio, the Scala Nightclub is home to the famous Gay Costume Ball where transvestites, gays, and drag queens clad in magnificent costumes dance the night away.

The Rio Scala Balls are always fully booked, with its 3000 square meters of space filled with guests wanting to witness this one of a kind event.

Groove alongside Brazil’s top Samba schools at the Mangueira Carnival Ball

If you want to attend a ball hosted by one of the oldest Samba schools in Rio, the Mangueira Carnival Ball is definitely the place to be. The members of the Mangueira Samba School gives life to this unique ball with dancers, drummers, and flag bearers filling the dance floor with a unique samba groove.

The members in the Mangueira Ball are the same people joining the Rio Carnival parade so if you wish to mingle and meet the members in advance, go ahead and attend this ball so for up, close and personal encounter.

Join the Flamengo supporters in the Red and Black Ball

You can never miss the red and black striped uniform of the country’s football team, the Flamengo.

In support of their beloved team, fans get together at the Red and Black Ball at the Rio Scala Nightclub. The ball is packed with supermodels, football celebrities, and other famous personalities who seek to experience the excitement of the carnival and at the same time celebrate the national team.

The Red and black Ball is held on Carnival Friday and the whole event will be shown on national television.

Delight in the grandiose of the Gay Costume Ball

They always say that everyone saves the best for last, and this definitely applies to the Rio Scala Balls.

You can party with gays, lesbians, drag queens, transvestites, and even straight people in this fun gathering with the most glamorous and brilliant costumes you will ever lay your eyes on.

Save the date and make sure that you celebrate your Carnival Tuesday at the Gay Costume Ball.

More Rio Scala Balls to attend

And the list goes on and on as there are several must-see Rio Scala Balls. The Carnival Sunday is celebrated through the Marvelous City Ball which is dedicated to the city of Rio.

Here you can expect nonstop dancing and carioca style partying. Save your Carnival Monday for the Ball of the Beer. This ball is celebrated with overflowing beer, dancing and fun. All Rio Scala Balls are worth attending, so book your tickets to guarantee 5 days filled with fun and excitement.


Rio Carnival

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