Exciting Angra dos Reis Beaches

Exciting Angra dos Reis Beaches

Angra dos Reis is Popular because of its 2000 Beaches, such as Ilha Grande and the Scenic Angra-based Pristine Island.

Angra dos Reis is that piece of bliss in southern part of Rio which envelops 365 islands and around 2,000 beaches. It’s also called the ‘Bay of Kings’ because the first Catholics reached it on Jan. 6, 1502 when the Catholic world celebrate the Day of the Three Kings. But after setting foot in the town, you will really feel like royalty because of the sheer beauty before you.

‘The Big Island’

Locals call it ‘Ilha Grande’ because it’s the biggest among all the islands. You have the powdery white sand in front of you and the tropical lush forest behind you. This is a favorite spot among celebrities and tourists because of comfort and convenience. It’s easily accessible through a dinghy or ferry. Resorts and hotels offer fun activities like hiking through the snaking mountain trail with waterfalls and rivers, kayaking, snorkeling and diving. Surfers prefer ‘Aventureiro’ beach because of its strong and challenging waves.

Vila do Abraao - Hub of Ilha Grande

‘Vila do Abraao’ is appropriately called the jungle village since it’s embraced by a protected Atlantic forest. If you like eco-adventure activities but don’t want to compromise comfort and convenience this one is for you. Every tourist spot can be accessed from here. It also has a pulsating nightlife for drinking and dancing.

Where to go in Angra dos Reis

From beyond the rocks, you find ‘Itaguacu beach,’ a secluded spot for swimming. There’s also ‘Lopez Mendes’ which one of the best beaches in Rio. The crystal clear waters are perfect for snorkeling and diving. Occasionally, you can find macaws and monkeys in this area. You can also eat and dine from the establishments that dot this Angra dos Reis coastline.