Do You Know the Brazil Carnival Program?

Do You Know the Brazil Carnival Program?

Organize Your Brazilian Carnival Program to Get Maximum Enjoyment During Your Stay.

The Rio Carnival is one jam packed week filled with parties, dancing, and samba. For those attending the Rio Carnival its best to know your Brazil Carnival program and plan which places to go and which events to attend so you don’t waste any time and money.

What happens at the Carnival?

During carnival week, everyone is on party mode so there is always something to do and someplace to go.

There are numerous street parties, balls, and carnivals all over Brazil, so wherever you may be situated the party surely never stops. Some of the other carnivals in Brazil to look out for are:

The Salvador Bahia Carnival

The Salvador Bahia Carnival is a lot different than the Carnival in Rio. Rio’s carnival is more structured while the carnival in Bahia is composed of a parade that lasts 6 days. You’ll find that a truck with a massive stage on top, parades all throughout town. The fans and party-goers follow the trucks as it passes through the streets of Bahia. Up to 2 million people attend this carnival every year.

The good thing about the Salvador Bahia Carnival is that the schedule of performers is posted every January of the year so that fans can arrange their schedule ahead of time.

The Recife-Olinda Carnival

Aside from the great parties at Recife, the location of the place is also what attracts tourists and locals to travel there. The carnival in Recife lasts for 5 days and stages are built in different areas of town. Samba dancers and singers perform during the duration of the Carnival week, but on the Saturday the biggest event happens at the Galo da Madrugada.

The Carnival in Sao Paulo

Next to the Rio Carnival, the Sao Paulo Carnival is the most awaited party in Brazil. They have their own Sambodromo in which the Samba Schools of Sao Paulo battle it out to win that year’s Samba Carnival championship. The Sambodromo in Sao Paulo can fill in 30,000 people.

The Carnivals in Brazil

There are just too many carnivals in Brazil to mention. All of them carry the same party fever that keeps both locals and tourists excited and energetic all throughout the carnival week. Some of the other carnivals include the Porto Seguro carnival which is famous for its beauty pageants and the carnival at Buzios which is considered as the most gay friendly carnival in Brazil. In order to attend all of them, do arrange and know your Brazil Carnival program so you can get the most out of your money.