Buying your own Brazil Carnival Tickets

Buying your own Brazil Carnival Tickets

Brazil Carnival Tickets are Ready! Get Yours Today.

One of the best parties in the world happens in South America - the Brazil Carnival. Every year, hundreds of thousands from all over the world go to one place to experience the party fever like no other. To secure your slot for any of the balls or parties, do book your Brazil Carnival tickets in advance so you don’t miss this one of a kind annual party.

The Rio Carnival Parade

The highlight of the Rio Carnival is the Rio Samba parade. The top 12 samba schools battle it out to win the year’s best performance. Each school is given 80 minutes to perform and impress the judges as well as the audience. Brazil Carnival tickets for the Rio Parade in the Sambodrome must be purchased in advanced. Brazil Carnival ticket rates vary depending on your location, so buy your Brazil Carnival tickets in advance so you don’t miss out on this mega party.

The Rio Balls

During the Rio Carnival week, you either party at the numerous street parties or at the Rio balls.

These elegant parties are held at Rio’s most prestigious hotels and are attended by the rich and famous. The Brazil Carnival tickets to these balls may be pricey, but if you could stretch your budget a bit, you should never miss any of them. The most popular Rio ball is the one at the Copacabana, the Magic Ball. The Magic Ball is known for being a night of luxury and elegance. The rich and famous, party in their most elegant evening wears or costumes. If the Magic Ball is a bit too pricey, you can opt to go to the Scala Night club in which some of the other Rio balls are held. The Rio Scala holds 6 different themed balls each catering to a different crowd.

How to order costumes for the Rio Parade

Ever wonder how it is to be a real Samba dancer? Well, after learning all the samba dance moves, and buying your Brazil Carnival tickets, the next step is to pick out your Samba costume for the parade. The costumes may take a while to make so do place your orders in advance. All you need to do is to provide your exact dress size and dance in full costume during the day of the parade.

How to go to the Sambodromo?

For first time visitors to the Rio Carnival Parade, its best to know that the Carnival week means traffic and stress. The best option is to rent a roundtrip transfer to the Sambodromo. Our experienced drivers will be in charge of taking you to the heart of the Rio Carnival parade in comfort and style.

Rio tours

Aside from the Rio Carnival, there are also so many things to see in Rio.

With tons of tour packages to choose from, you will be assured that you will get to visit all the tourist spots in Rio from the beaches to the lush green forest and even to famous Christ the Redeemer statue. Tours also include Brazil Carnival tickets, so there is nothing more to worry about.

Booking your hotels

To make your stay in Rio even better, we have packages which include some of the best and most affordable hotels in Rio and Brazil Carnival tickets. Our 24/7 customer service agents are there to help you find the best deal in the market when it comes to hotels and tickets.

Experiencing Brazil

Rio is not just about parades and parties. Rio is also known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, stunning sunsets, exquisite waterfalls, and ancient landmarks. You can experience all of this and more by availing our tour packages which will include your Brazil Carnival tickets.