Stay in Rio’s Luxury Hotels during the Carnival

Accommodations in Luxury Hotels During the Rio Carnival

Stay in Rio’s Luxury Hotels during the Carnival

Brazil during the Carnival is at its most exciting and this is the best time to visit the country. Select from a large range of luxury hotels for your stay in Rio during the Carnival.

The hotels are usually in the five star category and provide guests with great facilities and excellent service, and it is well worth the cost. Rio’s Luxury Hotels are however less costly in comparison to other cities. We would advise you to check the rates before considering another package, even if you are on an economy tour.

Rio’s Luxury hotels

Rio has a number of elite hotels to opt for and they are located mostly near the beach.

Since hotels get fully booked very rapidly, it is better to book your choice of hotel right away without any further delay. Luxury Hotels offer you a choice of accommodation, from penthouses, deluxe suites and comfortable standard rooms, in addition to a wide range of services.

Facilities offered by Rio’s Luxury Hotels

Amongst the many amenities and services provided by luxury hotels are bars, gourmet restaurants, swimming pools, tennis courts, fitness centers and spas fitted with the best equipment. Luxury hotels near the beach also offer beach services, providing beach umbrellas, chairs and waiting services. Wi-Fi connection is a must in all Rio Hotels.

Hotel guests are further pampered with top class concierge services that take immediate and efficient care of all travel arrangements, right from tours to local taxis.

Fasano Rio

Fasano Rio

The recently opened, five star Fasano Rio is situated in the heart of Ipanema beach and is part of the elite group “The Leading Small Hotels ...

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Rio Carnival

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