Budget Hotels in Downtown Rio

At Downtown Rio, enjoy Affordable Accommodation Options which are well-connected to the Sambodromo and South Zone by Subway

Budget Hotels in Rio’s Downtown

Rio’s Centro district has inexpensive hotels and it has the added advantage of being right in the center of all Carnival action.

It is close to the beach and for easy access to downtown Rio; you can use the subway which runs throughout the day. It is believed to be the most reliable means of travel in Rio. The localities of Lapa, Flamengo and Gloria are linked by the subway.

Locating inexpensive hotels during the Carnival

Each district in downtown Rio has its own specialty. The Flamengo quarter has hotels that are not only cheaper; it is also a wonderful area to stay in. Prime attractions are its great marina, the Modern Art Museum and Rio’s biggest park. The Lapa district is known for its music, samba, choro and forro and holds concerts at the Arches of Lapa.

It has budget hotels and good food. The Gloria area is renowned for the Church of Our Lady of Gloria. Once an elite residential district for the rich with grand houses, it has been converted into shops, restaurants and budget hotels.

Downtown Rio’s Low Cost Hotels

Hotels in downtown Rio are not only less expensive, but they radiate an aura of the grand old days, offering you a singular experience.

They are also located conveniently close to the Carnival and Sambadrome. The old Centro town is famous for its many magnificent buildings. Some of the greatest parties in Rio are held in the downtown area.

Rio Carnival

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