The Wonders of the Rio Carnival Balls

The Wonders of the Rio Carnival Balls

Rio Carnival Balls are Rio De Janeiro's Exciting Private Parties

There is no other party in the world like the Rio Carnival party. The 5 day celebration before lent is filled with never ending dancing, wild partying, and energetic music. Aside from the street parades, Rio is also known for the grand Rio carnival balls held at sophisticated and upscale locations such as the Copacabana Palace hotel.

Whether you decide to watch the extravagant parades and party in the streets or join the elite in one of the extravagant Rio Carnival Balls, you’re sure to enjoy every minute of this one of a kind celebration.

How the Rio Carnival Balls Started

Rio Carnival was not always the colorful parade party that we know of today. It started out as a spring festival which was a wild pagan party.

This pagan celebration evolved into the Rio Carnival with the help of African influences that made samba one of the main highlights of the whole event. The very first masquerade ball in Rio was held in 1840 followed by another one in the 1870s, since then the carnival ball became a permanent part of the Rio celebration. The Copacabana Palace Hotel was the very first to organize a Rio Carnival Ball.

Since then other upscale establishments such as Theatre Palacio and the Scala Rio Nightclub followed with their own Rio Carnival Balls. During the 5 day celebration every nightclub and hotel in Rio is filled with both tourists and locals seeking the intense Rio Carnival party atmosphere.

There is non-stop music and dancing led by samba dancers in their colorful costumes than add excitement and life to each carnival event.

The Magic Ball at the Copacabana

The most glamorous of all Rio Carnival Balls happens at the Copacabana Palace Hotel.

The Copacabana Magic Ball is attended only by the elite. This red carpet event is known for its five star services, carnival drinks, and a buffet prepared by only the finest chefs from Copacabana.

Tickets to the Magic Ball it don’t come cheap, but if you have the money to spend, the Magic Ball is one event that should never be missed. The tickets may be expensive but they go out fast which is why it would be wise to purchase them as early as possible.

Rio Ball at Scala

If the Magic Ball at the Copacabana proves to be too costly for you, you can opt to attend the Carnival Balls at the Scala Rio Nightclub.

The six carnival balls at the Scala rank as the second biggest party in Rio next to the Magic Ball. The most popular is the Gay Gala Ball which is famous for the lively crowd made up of transvestites, drag queens, and cross dressers. Aside from the Gay Gala Ball, you can also choose to attend the other balls at the Scala like the Red and Black ball, the Marvelous City Ball, and the Long Live the Beer Ball.

It doesn’t really matter which ball you attend, since all of them provide a heightened excitement that will keep you drowned in carioca style music and dancing.

The Fantastic Rio Carnival Street Parties

The 5 day Rio Carnival celebration means nonstop street parties in every corner of Rio.

If you want to attend a Rio Carnival Ball without the need to spend even a single penny, then head over to the streets for a nonstop party, carioca style. Each street has a Carnival street band that play Samba music all night long and you can expect huge crowds of people from all over united over a 5 day drink and dance party.

Purchasing your Rio Carnival Ball tickets

If you opt to attend the Rio Carnival Balls such as the Scala and Magic Balls, do purchase your ball tickets now since they sell out faster than you expect.

When joining these balls, there are only two types of tickets to choose from. The first one is the VIP tickets which include a dinner for two; the cheaper option on the other hand is called the standing ticket which includes only the entrance fee for the event.