Check Out the Carnival Street Party Schedule

Check Out the Carnival Street Party Schedule

Do You Know the Carnival Street Party Schedule?

You might miss out on the important events if you don’t check your Carnival street party schedule.

The Carnival is not called the ‘Greatest Show on Earth’ for nothing and that’s because it is one of the grandest festivals in South America. Months going into your Rio visit, you should get the schedule so you can plan your trip and attend as many balls, dances and street parties as possible. The Carnival formally kicks off on Friday and this will last until Saturday of next week.

Remember in Rio, there are parties. And then there are PARTIES to be.

The Sambodromo

The Sambodromo or Sambadrome is where the top schools compete for the championship title. If you check your Carnival street party schedule, you know that this is the place to be. According to the schedule, children will kick off the parade at the stadium, followed by the Access or Gold Group on Friday and Saturday then the Special Group on Carnival Sunday and Monday.

The parades of champion will take place on Saturday the week after winners are proclaimed.

The can’t-miss parties

All over Rio, there are countless balls and block parties.

The more famous ones are held in Copacabana Palace Hotel—with its Magic Ball—and Scala Rio Nightclub, which hosts a string of parties like the Masquerade ball, Gay Costume Ball, Mangueira Carnival Ball and Red and Black Ball. Your Carnival street party schedule outlines all these parties so you won’t miss a single one.