Best Carnival Tickets for the Samba Parades

Best Carnival Tickets for the Samba Parades

Rio's Best Carnaval Tickets are on Offer Today.

Tickets for the Rio Carnival Samba Parades

Find out all there is to know about the different categories of tickets on offer for the forthcoming Samba Parades. Carnival Friday and Saturday are the days for the Access or Gold League Samba Parade. Sunday and Monday are the Special Group Parade days. On Saturday after Ash Wednesday, is the Winners Parade of the big winner and five runners up of the Special Group.

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The Best Carnival tickets for you? Select from four different classes of tickets.

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Grandstands or bleachers

Grandstand tickets are common permit tickets to open seating on raised concrete steps of the Sambadrome, providing really grand views of the samba parade. Grandstand tickets bear no numbers, with the exception of the tourist zone, Zone 9.

Entering the Grandstands

You must know that Grandstand tickets have no numbers except for Zone 9, the tourist zone. If you happen to be a tourist, you will have to get your numbered tickets for Zone 9.

However in a majority of cases, you will be seeing the Parade from the Sambadrome. Like the other Sambadrome zones grandstands, Zone 9 too has bleachers or raised concrete steps in lieu of chairs.

Pick the Best Positions in the Grandstands

For the lowest cost in all zones in the Grandstands, excluding zone 9, which is more expensive, you can comfortably enjoy all the excellent entertainment of the Rio Carnival and the Samba Schools Parades. You can get tickets much earlier, for the zones 6, 7 and 8. But if you are on the lookout for special offers to ideally fit within your budget, opt for tickets for Zones 2 through 11.

Suggestions for selecting the Best Carnival Tickets in the Grandstand Zone

Zones 2 to 12 offer great views of the parade. Are you a tourist? Please head to Zone 9. If you love the thumping drumbeats; go to Zones 9 and 11 where the drummers’ alcoves are located.

Many of the warm-ups and parades start and finish near zones 2 and 3. Select these zones instead of the higher numbered zones, to observe more of the parade. For an aerial sight of the whole program, Zone 11 would really be ideal, instead of the lower zones.

Individuals who would prefer to enjoy the newest sectors should aim for the even numbered ones, since they are currently being rebuilt. Of course no seat can offer you a comprehensive vista from all angles but you can always find a particular type of seat to meet your particular requirements.

Allocated Chairs or Cadeiras Numeradas

The Zone 12 of the Rio Sambadrome have allocated chairs or Cadeiras Numeradas and are the most reasonably priced Rio carnival tickets. Allocated chairs are placed in open air theatres format and the long rows of chairs face the parade.

The Allocated Chairs are sited at the end of the samba parade near the Apotheosis. If you want reserved seat without paying for the cost of an open box, you should opt for Allocated Chairs.

Before you reserve your Rio Carnival tickets, please see the pictures and go through the information available.

Buying Allocated Chairs

Choose the open allocated chairs, near the end of the parade route in the Zone 12 if you do not wish to pay more for open box tickets.

The assigned chairs are likely to be the least inexpensive tickets in the Sambadrome complex.

Take Seats in the Back Stalls and Save Money

Allocated Chairs or Back Stall Seats are the less costly means to watch the parade, besides they can be used for the whole night.

A plus point is that you can move around if you wish to get a fuller view of the parade without the fear of losing your place. This is a real bonus. Normally, there will be at least half an hour gap between parade programs and you definitely would like to leave your chair and go for some food and drink, or do something else during the intervening periods between events.

Open Boxes Or Frisas

Frisas or Open Box of the Rio Carnival is the best carnival tickets for watching the samba parades at the Sambadrome. Numbered chairs for six persons plus a small coffee table are provided in each box. The Frisas are situated as close to the runaway as possible, at the level of the floor itself.

Open Boxes are placed in four rows numbered from A to D. Find out if Front Boxes are the tickets best suited for you? Learn more about the best carnival tickets for the Rio Carnival.

Excellent seats in the Sambadrome

Keen on getting the best seats in the Sambadrome? Pick the Open Boxes.

The open box plan is on the same level as the parade path, so you are very near the action. If you are looking for excitement, then you will love the Frisas. Each box can seat six persons besides having a coffee table. Booking an Open Box Seat? Book them in zones 2 through 11 and this also covers the renovated even numbered zones. You can bear in mind a few extra factors.

Open Boxes are in four rows from A to D. ‘A’ Boxes are nearest to the ground level while ‘D’ boxes are further away. ‘A’ row boxes are great places to catch all the fun and will be filled with a lot of photographers. However, if you dislike the intrusion, it would be advisable to select best Carnival tickets for boxes in rows B, C, or D. If you purchase a single seat Open Box ticket, you will be sharing with five other persons who have purchased the balance tickets.

You would like to know our recommendation about the types of seating available at the Sambadrome. We recommend the Open Boxes even if it were to rain, against the Grandstands or even the luxury suites.

You can also remain comfortably in your box, the whole night at the Sambadrome enjoying the food and drink available in the Open Boxes. Open Boxes have great views but all six spectators in the box cannot comfortably watch the parade at the same time.

If you desire complete comfort, along with an open bar and a buffet, we advise you select the Luxury Suites.

Luxury Suites or Camarotes

Luxury Suites are located through the entire Sambadrome from Zones 2 to Zone 11.

Camarotes provide a fantastic view of the parade. You can watch from the comfort of your covered private suite with excellent waiter service, open bar and buffet.

Obviously tickets for the Luxury Suites are highly coveted. But the Suite window is not sufficiently large to allow 12 persons to watch the event at once.

Luxury Suites are usually suitable for closed groups of 12, 24 or 36 people. If you prefer not to watch though the small window space, then Open Boxes will be a far better choice.

Additional details about the Luxury Suites

Tickets can be bought for the Luxury Suites in the Sambadrome zones 2 to 11. In a Luxury Suite, you not only get an open bar and buffet but also a personal waiter. Besides the great views of the parade, the covered box will keep you comfortable even in bad weather.

One of the few disadvantages is that a Luxury Suite accommodates 12 persons and unless you are a closed group, you will be sharing space with strangers.

Also, the suite’s window is small so everyone cannot view the parade at the same time. You will have to take turns to watch the parade.

Which is the Best Samba Parade to observe?

Undoubtedly everyone looks forward to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival’s Samba Parades. Every one of Rio’s samba schools strive hard to offer different samba themes with exceptional samba songs and great presentations faultlessly choreographed. Every year the Rio Carnival’s Samba Parade starts with the children’s parade, next comes the samba parade of the Access or Gold Group and Special Group.

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Collecting Your Tickets

After you book your best Rio tickets we will send you by e-mail, an e-voucher.

On reaching, Rio de Janeiro, exchange this e-voucher at our Hospitality Desk in Copacabana Beach for the real ticket. To avoid forgery, Carnival authorities release the actual tickets only a few days before the event.

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Instructions and Suggestions

Read the recommendations below and protect yourself from counterfeit tickets. Buy your tickets through reliable sources (Hotels and Travel Agents).

Our Handling charge is only US $ 10 per ticket – NOT 10%. Never buy any ticket from fraudsters at the gates. Avoid purchasing any used tickets; you will not get past the guards.

Do not look for any free entry or discounted tickets once the Parade starts. MOST IMPORTANT your ticket will come in two parts, a paper slip and a magnetic card.

Make sure you have both. If you have booked for the frisas or tables, you will get in addition a plastic card to wear round your neck.

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