Order Your Samba Parade Ticket From Us

Order Your Samba Parade Ticket From Us

Reserve Your Samba Parade Ticket and Ensure a Ring Side View

Order Your Samba Parade Ticket From Us

The Rio Carnival draws over a million visitors and the Samba Parades are permanently jam-packed with people. Even though the Sambadrome has a capacity of 80,000, it is never enough.

If you have plans to visit Rio for the Carnival, it is vital that you book your Samba Parade ticket as early as possible.

To prevent any confusion later on, an important point is that you should book your Samba Parade ticket only through reliable agents.

Samba Parade Tickets – How to Reserve

It is very simple to purchase a Samba Parade ticket online from our website. Please go through the Carnival tickets request form, select the type of tickets you need and click on ‘Book my Rio Carnival tickets.’

Go to the next page and choose the number of tickets you require and along with your Samba Parade tickets, select your options for delivery and round trip transfers to the Sambadrome. We offer you the best prices and schemes online and our services are absolutely dependable.

Exclusive Services

We offer you Samba Parade tickets at the best price and our handling charge is a mere $ 10 per ticket. We provide you with a 24/7 support service and are an IATA licensed agency. Further, we provide a hospitality desk to give you excellent customer care.

Customer Satisfaction is precious, come to us and let us make your Rio Carnival a truly unforgettable experience. Book your Samba Parade tickets with us now.

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