Things to know about Rio Carnival Costumes

Things to know about Rio Carnival Costumes

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Carnival costumes form an integral part of the Rio parade. They give life, color, and vitality to the entire production. There are two types of costumes: the ground costumes and the ones worn on the floats. This information will help you pick and create the perfect costume which will match up with the overall theme of your school.

How to Select and Order your Carnival Costumes

The colorful and vibrant costumes at the Rio carnival could be the perfect souvenir from a trip to Rio de Janeiro.

The only thing is that you have to place orders in November, 1 year ahead of the next Rio carnival. The long wait is due to the fact that each costume is made by hand with every detail perfected. Transport reservations can also be booked in advance when placing orders for carnival costumes. Order your Carnival Costume

Picking the Right Size

Each Rio Carnival costume is handmade, with the size made solely for the owner. Since the finished product will come months after the request has been made it is important to note accurate measurements so you’re not disappointed when the costume is made.

The carnival in itself requires much preparation, so it would be better if you would maintain a constant figure and avoid losing or gaining too much weight in order to fit perfectly into your costume once carnival season kicks in.

Rio Carnival: the Preparation for a Performance of a lifetime.

Preparing for the parade may be considered as the most crucial part of the entire process.

Each school dedicates time and effort in creating the perfect dance choreography, stunning carnival costumes, and the best music to go along with all the other elements. Being a part of your school, it’s expected that you do your best to deliver the performance of a lifetime.

As a part of the parade, preparation means attending Samba night practices and extending whatever help you can in order to get your group to the top.

Parading Etiquette at the Rio Carnival

Parade etiquette simply means not doing anything crazy before the parade that will hamper your performance.

Take care of your costume so that it appears at its best during the parade. Do not starve yourself before the parade or that your energy levels will be low; and avoid drinking any type of alcoholic drinks. These are just some of the things that should be remembered.

At the carnival it is very important to act your best since you don’t dance for yourself, but here, you embody your school, so your actions represent who your school is.

The Rio Carnival Costume Experience

Joining a Samba School may be one of the most exciting and fascinating experience you will ever encounter.

Aside from preparing the music and dance moves, one of the most awaited part of the whole preparations is creating the carnival costumes which will be used in the parade. As a part of a school, you will experience choosing the theme, sewing the costume itself, and even creating different patterns.

Costumes provide color and life to the dancers on the parade, and being able to experience creating them is one of the most anticipated moments in the Rio carnival experience.

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