The City of Samba - Venue for the World's biggest party

The City of Samba - Venue for the World's biggest party

Manufacturing units and workshops for float and costume production happens at the City of Samba.

Ninety three thousand square meters of fine earth, just amidst the Docklands of Rio lies the City of Samba, locally known as the Cidade do Samba. This is truly considered the heart of the carnival. Here you will find factories producing everything you see in the parade and workshops of popular Samba schools which promote the music and dance of samba to interested visitors.

The City of Samba is open all year long from Wednesdays to Mondays from 10 to 5, but is best visited during the months of November to February which is the Carnival season.

What to see in the City of Samba

Samba is not merely an annual street party; it is a way of life. The City of Samba is simply the source of all the magnificence we see at the carnival, it is where the party is born.

In the city you will find fourteen huge factories from which everything from the masks, costumes, floats, and all other Carnival items are made.

The party won’t be a party without Samba, and Samba City provides all types of workshops from learning percussion instruments, samba music, and even samba dance to equip you with the right groove once the carnival season kicks in.

The whole city itself is a tourist attraction with dance tables and galleries for the Brazilian Carnival visitors.

The Samba Schools of Cidade do Samba

There are a total of fourteen blocks in which fourteen Samba schools are located.

Each block has a corresponding label to make it easily accessible for tourists and first time visitors. Here you will find expert guides to who will help you get around the factories, samba schools, and dance galleries.

The 14 different Samba Schools are: 1st Block: The Rio Samba schools’ Workshop 2nd Block: Viradouro 3rd Block: Portela 4th Block: Grande Rio 5th Block: Vila Isabel 6th Block; Porto da Pedra, 7th Block; Imperio Serrano 8th Block: Salgueiro 9th Block: Association Samba Schools in Rio 10th Block: Mocidade 11th Block: Beija-Flor 12th Block: Unidos da Tijuca 13th Block: Mangueira 14th Block: Imperatriz.

Forcas Da Natureza

Composed of 70 Escolas de Samba do Grupo Especial dancers and sambistas, the Forcas da Natureza, is one show you should never miss out.

This spectacular show will never be complete without the three men behind the scenes: Jorge Cardoso, the musical director, Carlinhos de Jesus, the art director, and Milton Cunha, the scene director.

The Forcas da Natureza translated into the ‘Powers of Nature’, and as the name suggests, is a performance which promotes the preservation of the environment as well as encourages the need for a safe environment.

All of these aspects are incorporated into a samba cadence. The music of Jorge Ben Jor, Tom Jobim, Ary Barrosso, and Chico Buarque are all used in the performance.

When to watch the Forcas da Natureza

The Forcas de Natureza is performed at the Rua Rivadavua Correa 60, Gamboa, Rio de Janeiro. The entrance fees are inclusive of a buffet dinner and a ‘City of Samba’ souvenir.

Tickets are sold at the venue until 7 pm, and must be purchased in advance in order to avoid last minute delays.