See Rio through Acclaimed Helicopter Tours

See Rio through Acclaimed Helicopter Tours

For a Better View of Marvelous Rio Opt for Helicopter Tours. You Won't be Dissapointed.

There’s nothing like exploring through helicopter tours. Although paragliding can also offer you a view of the city, mountains and the sea through the air, the journey is limited by maneuverability and time.

From the safe confines of the chopper, you can take in the lush forest, the splendor of Sugar Loaf, the contrast between the white sands and azure waters of Guanabara Bay and Atlantic Ocean, the languid Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, and the majestic Christ the Redeemer statue on Corcovado Mountain, considered as one of the modern marvels of the world.

Tour packages

The types of Helicopter tours are varied. This is to ensure that those on a budget can also get to experience an exhilarating picture of the city viewed from another perspective. The trips can go for as short as six minutes to as much as an hour.

The helipads are situated in Dona Marta, near the massive statue of Christ, Urca Hill which offers a majestic view of Sugar Loaf, and Port Maua.

It’s interesting to see how the Tijuca Forest can seem unimposing from above but when you take one of the jeep tours, you will feel small when you are deep inside the jungle.

From Sugar Loaf, you can fly to Guanabara Bay then Christ the Redeemer status then the Copacabana before going back to Sugar Loaf.

The last thing you should forget is your camera. Some helicopter tours also fly you as far as the Imperial Palace and Macarana stadium.

Seen from afar, the Rocinha Favela, the famous slum area of 150,000 residents, can be striking. Take the half-hour helicopter ride, and absorb the picturesque beauty of downtown Rio, the Sambodromo, Corcovado Mountain, the lagoons, Sugar Loaf and the motor racing track.

The pilots are very friendly and knowledgeable so they can answer all your questions.

Traveling in style

The helicopter tours are tailor-fitted to suit your budget and travel options.

The price point also varies according to the distance and travel time. Taking the hour-long tour, for example, will fly you all over Rio offering a magnificent 360-degree view of the urban city and dense jungle; or the seamless blend of man-made structures alongside nature’s riches.

See the Sambodromo, the Corcovado Mountain, Urca Hill, the lakes and lagoons, the Sugar Loaf and the silvery coastlines.

The pilot will gladly point to you the top attractions. Tours already include hotel transfers.

Safety is our top concern

You don’t have to worry about safety because the helicopters are in accordance to the global aviation standards.

Besides, the fleets should be safe if these aerial tours are to continue. The pilots are very capable not just for their flying skills but also for their training in emergency situations.

These tours are perfect for surprising your wife or date. The combination of adrenaline rush and the dreamy landscape makes for a romantic interlude amid your Rio tour.

Helicopter tours are best taken near the end of your trip because the familiar sights become fresh again when viewed from new lens.