A Guide to the Brazil Carnival

A Guide to the Brazil Carnival

Detailed Information Regarding the Brazil Carnival in Various Cities. Make Smart Choices.

Carnival week is one of the most awaited events in Rio, but the parties in Rio start weeks before the Brazil Carnival Week itself. Brazil Carnival week happens before Lent, and is considered as the last all-out celebration before everyone enters into a state of penitence. The locals and tourists of Rio all participate in this extravagant affair filled with groovy samba music, addictive dance moves, and the most magnificent costumes you will ever lay eyes on. If you want to experience a one of a kind party, then this is the party you should never miss.

The Rio Carnival Week

Dubbed as the Greatest Show on Earth, the Rio Carnival never fails give any local or tourist the party that they deserve. The Rio Carnival is one event that gets everyone excited. It normally takes up to one year for everything to be prepared: from the dazzling costumes, the upbeat samba music to the electrifying dance moves.

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All of these are prepared by the 12 best Samba Schools in Rio who battle it out in the Sambadromo for the best performance of the year. Each performance lasts 75 minutes with a specific theme to be followed. All performances can be watched at the Sambadromo which is divided into several sectors, each with a different ticket type. Tourists and locals can choose to purchase the VIP tickets which can give you a close up view of your favorite Samba School, or have fun with the majority of the crowd located at the seating areas.

Aside from the extravagant carnival parade, the Rio Carnival is also known for throwing the best parties in town. If you want to rub elbows with the rich and famous or want to spot your favorite celebrity, better head out to the luxurious Copacabana Palace Ball. You also need to know that the tickets to this ball don’t come cheap so if you want to go be prepared to spend money and prepare to dress up in black tie or fancy costume. If you are a bit tight on the budget, but don’t want to miss out on the party fever, you can go to the numerous street parties that are held at almost every corner of Rio. If you think you had your share of crazy parties and loud music, check out the beautiful beaches, forests, and other natural locations which are truly a feast for the eyes.

The Recife and Olinda Carnivals

The Parties at Recife and Olinda are very special festivals. The Olinda festivals are specifically made for 5 – 80 year olds who want to sing, dance, and parade in town. In Recife, they celebrate by putting up stages all over town and people get to watch bands and dancers perform live in front of them.

The Bahia Carnival

If ever you happen to be at Salvador, don’t forget to catch the nonstop partying and dancing that happens all throughout the city. The most awaited part of the Salvador Carnival is the parade of over 200 dance troupes and the stages that move around the city, organized by the Blocos with Trio Eletricos.

The Sao Paulo Carnival

The Sao Paulo Carnival is considered as the more affordable option to the Rio Carnival. If you find the Rio Brazil Carnival too expensive or if you ever run out of tickets, Sao Paulo is the best alternative since you will get the same type of energy and excitement when it comes to dancing and samba music.

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The Brazil carnival in Sao Paulo happens at their Sambodromo and will be shown on national television in Brazil. Just like the Rio Carnival, the top Samba schools compete against each other and showcase their glamorous costumes and exhilarating dance moves with party goers from all over the country joining in the fun.

The Florianopolis Carnival

If you’re the type who wants to have laid back celebrations by the beach, the Florianopolis Carnival is the best option for you. Far from the hustle and bustle of the crowd in the city, the parties here are more relaxed. So if you want to experience the beach plus the excitement of the Rio celebrations, head over to Florianopolis and celebrate at its beautiful beaches.

Other Brazil Carnivals

When we talk about Brazil Carnivals, the first place that pop into our heads are the Carnivals in Rio. The Brazil Carnivals in Recife-Olinda and Salvador come in next when it comes to the carnivals with the largest attendees. But aside from these three, there are a lot more carnivals in Brazil that are worth visiting especially if you want to get away from the huge crowds. The Fortaleza Carnival is known for promoting art and culture plus an acrobatic show that should not be missed.

The Porto Seguro Carnival is famous for the beauty pageants plus the bands that perform during carnival week. Other carnivals include the Porto de Galinhas which is a party by the beach and the Buzios Carnival which is a gay friendly carnival filled with excitement and entertainment.

The Rio Carnival Fever

The Rio Carnival may be the most sought-after celebration in Brazil. Every tourist and local seems to be infected with the Rio party fever which results to nonstop dancing, singing, and samba music. Although almost every corner of Rio happens to have a party already, there are a few hotspots that should be visited first in order to experience the authentic Rio carioca lifestyle. The grand Rio balls at the Copacabana should not be missed if you want to experience the Rio carnival in style and elegance.

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In Centro, Rio Downtown is the place to attend the most crowded street parties and also the the greatest show on earth, the samba school parades at the Sambadrome. Botofogo is known for the Barbas street party wherein party goers are hosed down by a water truck, so you better be ready with an extra shirt. Lapa is the place to enjoy the night life and Bohemia; it’s also filled with alcohol stalls which are great during the carnival season. For those who want to party by the beach, head out to Leblon and sun bathe by the beach or experience the exciting night life in the area.

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