All About Rio Carnival Festival. February 28th to March 8th, 2025. Guide, Program and Tickets to Sambadrome Parades.


The most lively seats. Large concrete bleachers with a great view of the parade.

Allocated Chairs

Assigned seats with a great view, only available in Sector 12 of the Sambadrome.

Front Box

Located on the ground level, in four rows of boxes. The closest seats to the runway.

Covered Box

Located in Sector 7, the Covered Boxes offer a higher view over the other front boxes.

Folia Tropical

Ideal for party people who want to enjoy the parade and have a VIP club experience at the same time.

Super Folia

The greatest Carnival VIP experience. Exclusive services, privacy and comfort with all the Folia Tropical fun.

Camarote Maravilha

The Camarote Maravilha is the celebration of the Carioca spirit at the heart of Carnival.

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How to get to the Sambadrome

You can go to the sambadrome in many ways. Our Transfer service is the most convenient way to get to the Sambadrome, but you can also go by subway or authorized taxi. Here you will find information about all transportation options.

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What are the best tickets in the Sambodromo?

The Sambodromo was built to provide a great show for the viewers. Each type of ticket has benefits.

How to get my tickets?

Tickets for the Carnival will be available for pickup at a 3 day period before carnival in our Hospitality Desk. For pickup your ticket is necessary to schedule the time, because it speeds up the process for costumers.

How old a children can watch the parade?

In order to preserve the integrity of the children's hearing system, the Juvenile Court for Children and Adolescents of Rio de Janeiro established a minimum age of 5 years old to enter the Sambadrome. Minors under 5 years old can not enter the sambadrome, even with tickets or accompanied by those in charge. Minors of 5 years old or older must be accompanied by legal guardians and must have a ticket. Do not forget to bring a document to prove their age.

What is the difference between the parades of the Special Group, Access Group, and Champions?

The Special Group is the elite of the samba schools. The two days of the event is the highest point of Carnival and normally these schools have the most exciting sambas and the most excited fans, but the ticket value is the highest.

What time should I arrive?

The show is long and goes until the morning, so if you prefer to save your energy to watch the last school, we recommend you arrive later, around 9 pm. The entrance is from 7 pm and at the exit about 6 am increased the flow of people, so if you want to avoid overcrowding, choose another time.

What can I bring to the Sambadrome?

Here is the list of what is allowed and what is not allowed to bring:

- Each person may bring up to two food items (sandwiches, fruits, cookies)
- Each attendee may carry a maximum of two plastic bottles of any beverage, each 500 ml
- The use of rain ponchos is allowed

- It is not permitted to enter with dangerous objects such as glass bottles, aluminum cans, flares, fireworks, sharp objects, and firearms
- Umbrellas are not allowed
- Objects that can carry other items, such as coolers and bags, are prohibited
- Bringing cameras with attached lenses, tripods, drones, or professional filming and photography equipment is not permitted.

Is it possible to buy food and drinks at the Sambadrome?

Yes. There are several kiosks and vendors on-site. Payments are accepted via credit card, debit card and cash.

How to go to and from the Sambadrome?

We recommend that you go to the Sambadrome by taxi, subway, or transfer. We do not advise taking conventional buses as many routes change during the parade days. We also do not recommend going by private car as there is no nearby parking, and the streets around the Sambadrome are blocked, making access difficult.

To learn more about all transportation options to the Sambadrome, visit:

How does the transfer service work?

The regular transfer has schedules and meeting places that are predefined. These points are at the main hotels in Rio. The embarking and disembarking areas are signaled and are next to the Sambodromo, where the movement of unauthorized vehicles is prohibited. Besides the convenience and security, there will be a staff willing to help and answer your questions.

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