Familiarize yourself with the Sambadrome Sectors

Familiarize yourself with the Sambadrome Sectors

Get Acquainted with the Different Sambodromo Sectors in Order to Evaluate Various Seating Options and Pick the Right Ticket Suited to Your Requirements.

Sambadrome Sectors

Choose the Best Ticket only after familiarizing yourself with the Sambadrome. The number of visitors to the Rio Carnival has been increasing every year.

Accordingly, the Sambadrome sectors have been overhauled to take in more guests. Buildings and new sectors have been added to provide more comfort and additional seating.

Sectors 2 to 9 of the Sambadrome

Sectors 2 to 8 house the Grandstands, which are the cheapest but also offer a wonderful aerial view. Sambadrome Sector 6 has the judges’ stand and naturally this is where the most excellent Samba dance presentations take place.

Tourists chiefly occupy Sector 9 as it has numbered seating. Sectors with large numbers of Cariocas are very vivacious zones. But if you prefer to see the parade without being disturbed, be at the correct place.

Sectors 10, 11, 12 and 13 of the Sambadrome

Sector 10 has the least expensive of the open boxes and you can watch the parade from start to finish. It is mainly filled with the local populace. Sambadrome Sector 11 tickets are difficult to procure as they are mostly booked for large groups of tourists by the cruise lines.

Both Sectors 10 and 11 are near the drummers, and provide some splendid rhythms to dance to. Sectors 12 and 13 are as good as open boxes relative to the vista and ease offered. They have the largest number of allocated seating and it’s laid out like an open air theatre.