What to expect at the Florianopolis Carnival

What to expect at the Florianopolis Carnival

Get Ready for the Coming Florianopolis Carnival Celebration.

The Florianopolis Carnival is held in the small town of Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, in South Brazil. It’s German, Portuguese and Spanish influences have made this small town a tourist hotspot. Florianopolis only ranks 2nd after Rio for being the Carnival hub for lesbians and gay tourists who want to party at the carnival and at the same time experience the relaxing beach environment.

The Florianopolis Carnival is not only famous for the exciting parades but also for the 42 pristine beaches located in the area. The natural beauty of this small town is one of the reasons to go here, but aside from that the party at the Florianopolis parade is one that should never be missed.

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Being one of the best carnival spots for the LGBTQ+, the carnival is also famous for the numerous street parades held in the city as well as the excellent performances of all the samba schools participating in the annual Florianopolis carnival. Because of the small population in this town, unlike the Rio Parade, there are only a few major schools that join in the Parade competition for the Florianopolis Carnival such as the Uniao da Ilha da Magia, Consulado, Copa Lord and others.

Aside from watching these magnificent schools groove at the Sambadrome, you can catch them at their rehearsals areas especially if you arrive early in town. The Sambadrome is quite small so even if the tickets are available for purchase at the Sambadromo, it’s always better to get your tickets ahead of time, to secure seats for the performance. Just like most of the carnival parades, the Florianopolis Carnival parade, is also made up of motorized floats with live bands performing on top. Before any of the Samba schools parade into the Sambadrome, fireworks and samba dancers keep the crowd alive and excited with parties lasting until 4 AM.

The Gay Festival at the Florianopolis Carnival

Being one of the gay friendly carnivals in Brazil, the Florianopolis carnival is famous for the Pop Gay Festival.

This festival is popular for its contest for transgender and cross dressers. Aside from the 50,000 gay and lesbians attending the show every year, there are also straight people who just want to join in the fun.

Carnival Sunday at Florianopolis

The Florianopolis Carnival is also known for the small parade by the Blocos dos Sujos. Here, male cross dressers parade all throughout town singing and dancing. Aside from this there are also numerous small groups and blocos that put up their own parades, so there is no dull moment in this tiny city.

Booking Florianopolis tickets in advance

Since the parades and parties at the Florianopolis can only accommodate fewer people compared to other places, it is very important that you buy your tickets before hand so you can book a seat. Carnivals will always be about relaxation and merrymaking so instead of stressing yourself out about where to stay or choosing what to do, we have readymade itineraries that you can choose from or let us arrange a specific tour that will suit all your needs.

The Excitement at the Florianopolis Sambadrome

The Florianopolis Carnival is known for the parade in which the top 4 schools in Florianopolis battle it out to win the annual championship title. Each of the 4 samba schools will be given only 50 minutes to perform. Most of the small neighborhoods in Florianopolis have made up their own samba schools and blocos which is why there’s always a party in every corner of town. Everyone in attendance can dance to the beat and dance to the moves of the participants performing at the Sambadrome. Florianopolis is definitely a place that should be visited during the Brazil Carnival week.

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Although it may be small, there are numerous parties and events that people watch out for such as the Pop Gay Carnival. If you come in a little early you can even catch your favorite Florianopolis samba schools at rehearsals.