Celebrating the Salvador Carnival

Celebrating the Salvador Carnival

Look Forward to the Approaching Salvador Carnival.

Aside from the exciting carnivals in Rio, Salvador Carnivals have always been a favorite with both locals and tourists. Salvador is the capital of Bahia and is famous for the Axe, which is an Afro-Brazilian music beat that is used all throughout the Salvador Carnival week. The Salvador Carnival is all about happiness which is why everyone is encouraged to join in the fun to celebrate of music, dance, and culture.

The history of the Salvador Carnival

The city of Salvador shows very strong African influences even amongst the locals living there.

Prefeitura de Salvador

The city even holds a record for having the largest street parties and was noted in the Guinness Book of World Records. One of things that distinguish Salvador from Rio is that Rio is known for its numerous Samba Schools while Salvador is popular for its large street parties. Aside from promoting happiness, and inclusivity with big events to the LGBTQ+ community  during carnival.

One characteristic that makes the Salvador Carnival worth watching are the awesome Bahian drummers that attract over 1 million tourists and locals to party, celebrate, and dance all throughout the celebration. One of the best blocos performing at the Salvador carnival is the Trios Electricos. You can join their bloco simply buying a T shirt. You can then sing and dance along with the group. Every year, the Salvador Carnival starts with the keys of the city given to King Momo. Bands such as the Psirico, Olodum, and Timbalada will perform alongside the Trios Electricos bloco. They are all famous for showcasing African flavor in their songs and performances. Each day of the carnival, visitors increase but the more people there are the happier and more energetic the carnival will be.