Rio Carnival’s Sambadrome Tickets

Rio Carnival’s Sambadrome Tickets

Purchase Sambadrome Tickets for an Unforgettable Experience at the Carnival of Rio de Janeiro

Rio Carnival’s Sambadrome Tickets

Sambadrome tickets sell like hot cakes and obviously they are in great demand. Naturally, everybody wants to reserve their Sambadrome tickets well in advance.

To prevent any fraud or misuse, original Sambadrome tickets are released only one week before the Carnival. The Sambadrome arena has been planned to give audience the best possible view of the whole strip and also provide a comfortable environment.

It is divided into zones with open seating or bleachers and individual numbered seats. Before booking your Sambadrome parade tickets, it is better to familiarize yourself with the position, seating and agenda.

Carnival Tickets and Sambadrome Zones

Tickets for Carnival Sunday and Monday are the most preferred and are sold out months before the Carnival.

The next Rio Carnival will definitely be more thrilling than the earlier one. You can select from a wide range of choices of Sambadrome tickets for the parade; Grandstands or arquibancada, allocated seating or cadeiras avulses, open boxes or frisas or the luxury suites or camarotes.

Whatever your seating choice, you are guaranteed a wonderful time at the Sambadrome.


Of course Grandstand tickets are the most favored, and the least expensive of the Carnival tickets. But you get a grand aerial view of the parade.

All zones have Grandstands tickets. Sambadrome tickets for Zone 9, the only one with allotted seating is mostly sold to tourists.

Grandstands do not have chairs, they are free seating on a first come first serve policy. If you want a vantage point on the bleachers, it is advisable to come early to the Sambadrome.

Allocated Seating

Allocated Seats or cadeiras are reasonably priced.

You have the advantage of moving around freely without worrying about your seat, as it is reserved. Allocated seating is positioned in front of the grandstands in the Sector 12.

Seating is properly laid out on inclined steps permitting free views of the runaway. Buy your Allocated Chair tickets.

Open Boxes

Most experts advocate the Frisas or Open Boxes with the best views of the Samba runaways as a reasonably priced option to the high price luxury suites.

You get the same privacy minus the Luxury suites VIP service. Open Boxes are available in all zones and each box has six seats.

Frisas are organized in four rows from A to D. Boxes A and B are nearest to the runaways. Fortunately you need not book the whole box for six, but can book a single ticket too. Revel in the best of the Carnival, sway to the drummers throbbing rhythms and get into the groove, all at a reduced cost.

Luxury Suites

Camarotes or Luxury Suites are certainly the best Sambadrome seats. For big groups of 24 or above, perfect seating would be the Luxury Suites.

The cost includes an attendant waiter, lots of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages and a buffet dinner. You will also see royals, politicians and famous persons enjoying the Parade from the Luxury Suites.

Naturally, private security is also provided. Luxury however comes at a price but when you are attending the largest party in the world, you get a wonderful return for the money spent.

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