Live Life Large at the Gay Costume Ball

Live Life Large at the Gay Costume Ball

One of the Most Memorable Events of the Rio Carnival is the Spectacular Gay Costume Ball at the Scala Rio Nightclub

The Gay Costume Ball is an event where everybody can literally let their hair down. It’s a true testament to the tolerant nature of the cariocas to hold an activity specifically for homosexuals, transgenders and the third sex.

But the event doesn’t discriminate against straight men and women who want to join the party. Just be sure to come in your most outlandish costumes if you don’t want to be outshined by the drag queens. The event is televised nationwide so you may just get your 15 minutes of fame.

Just when you think it couldn’t get more unusual

Alcohol is not the primary trigger that allows people who join the Gay Costume Ball to shed off their inhibitions. The oddity of the characters joining this ball makes it a one of a kind event and very popular among tourists.

From drag queens, to Barbie dolls and Playboy bunnies, you can watch the participants strut their stuff in costumes you won’t find anywhere else in the world. Because this is very popular, you should reserve your tickets at the Rio Scala Nightclub early.

The event is scheduled on a Carnival Tuesday, on the eve of Ash Wednesday, which signals the start of the Catholic Lent. This is the time to be merry so leave your shyness and self-consciousness at home. You don’t want to be party pooper in the event considered to be all the rage in town.

Make hay, book your tickets immediately Remember that the Gay Costume Ball is the one of the most popular destinations in the Carnival every year.

That means the tickets run out of stock before you know it. Make your reservations the soonest possible time to secure the best view. The tickets are categorized according to cost, there’s the entrance or standing tickets and then there are the VIP seats, which are more expensive. Once inside, don’t forget that your standing ticket does not entitle you to free food and drinks. You pay for your dinner and each bottle of alcohol you consume.

If you want added convenience, make reservations for a table that can sit four people. Or join a table of strangers if they are willing to have you. The ball is a great time to make new friends.

The VIP ticket, meanwhile, can give you unlimited food and drinks. Don’t leave the Gay Costume Ball without trying Brazil’s famous tropical drink, the caipirinha.