Rio Carnival Date

Rio Carnival Date

Are You a Little Curious About the Method in which the Carnival Date is Decided?

The inimitable call of drums sets the alluring tempo of the samba, reaching its zenith during the Rio Carnival date, when all work stops in Brazil for the week prior to Ash Wednesday.

  • The Brazilian Carnival starts Friday February 12th and ends with Ash Wednesday on February 17th, 2021.

Rio Samba Schools Parade Dates

The world’s largest festival, the Rio Carnival is once again round the corner and will be even larger with thousands of celebrants joining in the parades and street parties. It is time for you to plan your exciting trip to Rio for a week of amusement and pleasure.

Book your tickets in advance and make sure your Carnival is unforgettable. Take the chance to feel the real spirit that surround the Rio Carnival date.

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Look out for their richly decorated floats and dazzling, exotic carnival costumes. Enjoy the fantastic display of samba dancers moving to the pulsating rhythm of the samba drums. The Carnival attracts stupendous crowds so do take a few tips from experts.