Sambadromo Stadium Map

Sambadromo Stadium Map

With a Sambadrome Map You'll Never Lose Your Way around the Rio Carnival.


You can evaluate the following Sambadrome map to get a better idea of the different sectors and seating options. It will also give you an idea of the runway views offered from each sector.

Sectors 2,4,6,8 – Grandseats with Stunning Views, are located across from Sectors 3, 5, 7 and 9.

They will reveal a stunning panorama of the Samba parade, and your best choice among them is the division closest to the majority of judges- sector 8. Similar to the odd-numbered sectors opposite the street, specific seats are not numbered and tickets fall into the general admissions category.

That’s why you should arrive early to pick up the best possible seats from the ones not assigned in the cement. The seats are fantastic and provide a stunning overall view of the Rio Carnival procession. Use a Sambadrome map to find your way around.

Section 9 – Numbered Grandstand

Tickets for Division 9 are numbered so you can easily find your place by the number engraved on the cement.

Sector 9 is mostly dedicated to tourists so it’s not the right place if you want to mingle with the carioca crowd. Due to its foreign presence, this sector is specifically equipped with multi-lingual local guides available to give you tips and direct you, even if you have a Sambadrome map.

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The view of the panoramic view is exceptional and truly unique, and sufficient room for relaxation and body stretching is also available to spectators.

The group of drummers in the near angle will keep you mood exceptionally high. If you want a more sophisticated comfort zone, Section 9 is the most suitable place for you.

Section 10- If You Want Fancy Front Boxes

Sector 10 it is characterized by its low-ticket prices available for grandstands, and it enjoys a tremendous popularity among local carnival admirers and groups of carnival lovers.

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The spectators who want to enjoy the Samba School’s complete colorful spectacle, characterized by floats and dance should consider sector 10 their best choice. Rio Sambadrome’s least expensive seats are the Front boxes, or so called frisas. It’s easy to find it if you have a Sambadrome map.

Sector 11 – Great drummers’ view

Sector 11 on the Sambadromo Map is reserved for large visitor groups, including cruise line adventurers. Sector 11 is within close proximity to the drummer’s spot and right opposite Section 10.

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It will surely appeal to those who love to listen to the drummers’ melodies, most of whom have specifically chosen this area to stay close to the drum performers. From this area, you can observe the whole spectacular parade and the marching of the school members towards the samba runway.

Sector 12 – Cadeiras, or Allocated chairs 

The sector 12 of the Sambadromo is located at the end of the runway. Tickets are offered at a cheaper price and they provide the most effective value at the Sambadrome. Seats are located in proximity to the Apotheosis, towards the end of the samba parade.

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Chairs facing the processions are located in an open-air theatre, with several chair lines facing the parade.