Samba Schools, an Integral part of Rio's Carnival

Samba Schools, an Integral part of Rio's Carnival

Watch Each Samba School Proudly Dislay their Moves, Dances, Songs and Costumes.

Samba schools, consisting of numerous representatives of various local communities in the city, are an integral part of the Rio Carnival.

Children, teenagers, men and women, all of various social classes, ethnicities and backgrounds, come to bring their creative energy into the Samba Parade, and to contribute to the design of all elements necessary for the Rio Carnival.

They also take part in the composition of their own samba school song. Every school has their own groups of musicians, dancers and talented choreographers who unite their forces with costume and float designers to create a unique and memorable samba parade.

All samba schools are frenetically competing for the championship title, and the competing spirit is tremendous and strong. The Rio Carnival is an event unlike any other, full of excitement, thrilling emotions and competition among samba schools.

LIESA Ranking

The major initiator of the annual samba parade is the Independent League of Samba Schools of Rio De Janeiro (LIESA). The previous year’s Access or Gold Group champion launches the Special Group parade on Sunday, due to regulations. The second group in rating inaugurates the Samba Parade on Monday. The LIESA rankings are based on a 5 year period.