Look out for Thrilling Carnival Technical Rehearsals

Look out for Thrilling Carnival Technical Rehearsals

Learn the Samba Song and Dance Moves at the Rio Technical Rehearsals in Brazil!

Technical rehearsals held at the Sambadrome

The Carnival is one of the largest shows in the world and showcases the multifaceted unique heritage and culture of Brazil.

You can watch the warm-up of the samba parades for free at the technical rehearsals. You will be spellbound by the most exciting and flamboyant festivals in the country. The stadium comes to life with astounding Samba music.

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You can follow the rigorous schedules of the Samba Schools' technical rehearsals at the Sambdrome and get closer to your most loved Samba schools.

Technical rehearsals allow samba schools to monitor poor performances, and change and improve them. The different departments of the schools work on the costumes and floats.

Technical rehearsals are the trial runs minus costumes, floats, and props. But you have the wonderful chance to see and follow the best dance moves in the country.

Final Day of the Technical Rehearsals

The last day of the technical rehearsals is very popular for its guaranteed entertainment and gaiety.

You get to witness, on the largest stage on earth, last year’s champions testing amazing light and sound fittings. At the conclusion of the rehearsals, you will have the thrilling chance to relax and dance with the performers.

Special Group Technical Rehearsals

Rehearsals start on January 15th and run until February 12th. The twelve Samba schools of the special group will warm up in Sapucaí on six consecutive Sundays. The entrance is free.

08:30 PM - Império Serrano
10:00 PM - Paraíso do Tuiuti

08:30 PM - Imperatriz
10:00 PM - Unidos da Tijuca

08:30 PM - Mocidade
10:00 PM - Mangueira

08:30 PM - Salgueiro
10:00 PM - Portela

11/02 - Sound and light test
08:30 PM - Vila Isabel
10:00 PM - Viradouro

12/02 - Sound and light test
08:30 PM - Beija-Flor
10:00 PM - Grande Rio

Access Group Technical Rehearsals 

The access group, from LigaRJ, known as Série Ouro, will always parade on Saturdays from January 14th. Entry is free. See the dates of the Access Group Technical Rehearsals – Gold Series: January 14th, 21st, 28th, and February 4th.

20:00 - Lins Imperial
21:00 - Estácio de Sá
22:00 - Inocentes de Belford Roxo

19:30 - Arranco
20:30 - Unidos da Ponte
21:30 - Unidos de Bangu
22:30 - União da Ilha

19:30 - União de Jacarepaguá
20:30 - Acadêmicos de Vigário Geral
21:30 - Unidos de Padre Miguel
22:30 - Porto da Pedra

19:30 - Em Cima da Hora
20:30 - Império da Tijuca
21:30 - Acadêmicos de Niterói
22:30 - São Clemente