Tickets for Sambadromo

Tickets for Sambadromo

Choose Between 13 Sectors and 4 Varieties of Sambodromo Tickets To Enjoy the Rio Carnival.

Sambadromo tickets are a sought-after item so they need to be booked in advance. In order to prevent duplication and misappropriation, they are only officially released a week before the Carnival.

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The stadium has been specifically designed to accommodate viewers in the best possible way and to provide them with an excellent strip view and cozy amenities. The Sambadromo is characterized by different sectors offering individual seats or bleachers with free room. Spectators are advised to familiarize themselves with all locations, timelines and section options before they reserve their samba parade tickets.

The Rio Sambodromo Sectors and Tickets

The Carnival Monday and Sunday tickets get sold out as a hot property several months before the start of the Carnival. Every new Rio Carnival tends to be more dynamic and exciting than the previous one.

You have a plethora of choices for your Samba Parade tickets, ranging from camarotes (luxury suites), frisas (open boxes), cadeiras avulses (allocated chairs) and arquibancada (grandstands).

No matter what choice you’ll make, you’ll enjoy every moment of the fascinating Sambadromo spectacle. Sambodromo Tickets: Grandstands The most popular and cheapest option that offers an overall runway view, is the grandstands.

Grandstands have a free space which is available for the first ones who arrive. Grandstands do not offer chairs and you need to arrive well in advance at Sambadromo to get a prime spot in the area.

All sectors have grandstand seat options, with the exception of sector 9, the only area with allotted seats, which sells its spots predominantly to tourists.

Sambodromo Tickets: Camarotes, Luxury Suites

Sambadromo tickets for the Camarotes, the so called luxury suites, are the best option for the seekers of comfort. The camarotes’ zone is where celebrities and VIP figures meet to entertain themselves from the comfort of their sophisticated boxes. Groups consisting of more than 24 members will find the Camarotes their most appropriate option.

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A ticket for the luxury suites covers the price of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and a personal waiter. Camarotes Sambadromo tickets will give you the best possible experience for their price.

Sambodromo Tickets: Frisas, Open Boxes

Open boxes, or frisas, provide a private setting, just like the camarotes, but they don’t offer VIP services.

It is recommended to reserve frisas if you’d like to enjoy a spectacular runway view. When you reserve your Sambodromo tickets, keep in mind that all sectors offer frisas and they have an availability of 6 seats in every box.

In this way, you can relish the best that the carnival has to offer at the most affordable rate, and also immerse deeply in the drum rhythms. You can purchase just a single seat, and not the whole row of 6 seats. Boxes are located in all rows, from A to D, and your best possible options are sectors A and B, if you would like to stay closer to the runway.

Cadeiras Avulsas, Allotted Chairs

The sector 12 offers allocated chairs, or the so called cadeiras avulsas, situated in front of the grandstands.

In order to offer unobstructed runway views, chairs are located in a sloping mode. Tickets are affordable and you can move around, while your seat is being controlled and kept. Purchase your Sambadromo tickets for allotted chairs now.