Amazing Ideas for Rio Carnival Costumes

Amazing Ideas for Rio Carnival Costumes

Do You Have Your Rio Carnival Costumes Ready for the Big Event?

The Rio Carnival is definitely an experience you will never forget. Tourists who have visited the carnival have described it as incredible, magnificent, and marvelous. The four day festival marks the beginning of lent and is usually considered as the last round of pleasure before 40 long days of restraint and limitation.

This four day festival takes almost a year of planning and preparation. From the music to the custom made and extravagant Rio Carnival costumes; each detail is meticulously perfected to give you their performance of a lifetime. Aside from planning the routines for the parade, the theme of the Rio carnival costumes for the following year is decided by all the Samba Schools joining the competition.

All of these are done to make sure that you will experience a performance you will never forget.

Tips for making Rio Carnival Costumes

Aside from the colorful floats, one of the highlights of the Rio Carnival is the stunning costumes. Every year, the people behind the float and ground costumes dedicate their time in brainstorming and designing the perfect costume to match the selected theme for the year.

Choosing the best costume for you can be a daunting task with the array of designs to choose from. You can either pick a pre made costume, or if you want it extra special, you can have one made especially for you. In making your carnival costume, you have to take into consideration the weight of the costume and how much skin you are willing to show.

The same goes when you are picking a pre made costume.

Preparing for the Rio Carnival

Attending the Rio Carnival is unlike any party you will ever attend. You’ve got to have the best costume, the groovy music, and the energy to keep you moving all night.

As a member of your school, this performance is the one that everyone’s been waiting for so your job is to make sure that your performance can win points to get you to the top of the competition.

Parade Etiquette at the Carnival

The Rio Carnival, may be the biggest street party in Brazil, but this does not give you reason to disobey the law or ruin the perfect flow of the parade.

It is important to strictly abide by the parade rules and regulations and to observe the basic guidelines while still maintaining a high level of energy and enthusiasm between the schools involved.

Some of the parading etiquettes that should always be remembered are:

• Do not drink alcoholic beverages before the parade.

• Do not wear your Rio Carnival costumes before the parade since it could get ruined

• Keep your energy high and always learn to practice teamwork within your school.

Getting the perfect fit for Rio Carnival Costumes

When buying your Rio Carnival costumes, measurements are very important.

Take note that Ground carnival costumes are unisex and come in only one size. So when deciding to buy one, you will have to adjust your body size in order to fit into the costume.

Float costumes on the other hand have more types to choose from since each school may have up to 6 floats, each having a different costume. There will be lesser float costumes on sale since they are harder to make, so better place an order ahead of time in order to guarantee a purchase.

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