Access Group: Best Seat in the House

Access Group: Best Seat in the House

Looking for an Inexpensive Samba Parade? Watch the Access Group parade.

The Access or Gold Group, even if it ranks below the Special Group, should not be considered lightly. It’s likely that you can watch troupes of samba dancers and bands perform their hearts out.

What makes the competition severe is that one opportunity to be included in the Special Group that will perform on Carnival Sunday and Monday next year.

Ramon Moreira | Bookers International

Another advantage of watching the Access Group perform is the cheap tickets while giving you a pretty good idea what to expect at the culminating samba parades.


Getting the Most Out of Your Money

To maximize the cost of your money, you have to know which Sambadrome seat gives you the best view when the dancers of Access Group parade on the street.

Although tickets to this event are cheaper, the cheapest seats can be found at the grandstands.

If you are shy about your dancing, you can choose Sector 9 which is the most preferred by tourists. Find a seat in the middle section sandwiched by Sector 9 and Sector 11 and you will find yourself among the drummers. This is where the ‘bateiras’ momentarily stop to perform before the crowd.

That should give you the best taste of carioca music. The best view perhaps is in Sector 7. Here you will yourself find sitting among the judges. Usually, the booking agents can recommend to you which sectors offer the best view for the Access Group performances.