Beautiful Mangaratiba Beach

Beautiful Mangaratiba Beach

Mangaratiba Beach, located in the Area of Angra is an Environmentally-Protected Paradise

`Mangaratiba’ is a tiny port that is most often overlooked. For visitors, this is just a pit stop so they can catch a ferry for their final destination, the Ilha Grande. But try to walk around this neighborhood because it offers plenty of photo opportunities to capture. The town itself is quite attractive with the mountain looming from above it. For a bit of history, there’s an 18th century church at the square.

Protected area

There’s only one way going to the area. Regardless of public transportation or a private car, you still pass through the ‘BR-10 highway.’ The first impression in Mangaratiba is how human settlements exist in harmony with the verdant forest. This is because the area is considered an environmental reservation.

The ‘Rio das Pedras’ resort offers this perfect blend of progress and nature in a microcosm. Anywhere, you can spot mansions dating back to the colonial times. There’s an impressive beach, although exclusive, that boasts of modern facilities merged in a natural setting.

Isolated getaway

Although the town is one of the biggest ports in Brazil, you can still find small pleasures. One such example is the Ilha de Itacuruca, which is isolated from the town by a waterway. This is the biggest among the islets leading into a cove. Further downstream is another islet, ‘Ilha de Jaguanum.’ Both areas have pretty good beaches for swimming, although the main activity here are sailing and yachting.

Staying in town

There are not too many choices when you decide to stay in the area. But they are cheap and quite comfortable so you get value for money. Like the Hotel Mendonca, for example, which you can find in ‘Rua Maria Augusta Lopes 11.’ It’s a one-stop shop where you can sleep, eat, surf the Internet through Wi-Fi and arrange for a tour of Mangatariba from an English-speaking guide.