Rio’s Gay Carnival Events Rock

Rio’s Gay Carnival Events Rock

Are You Ready for the Amazing Gay Carnival Events at the Rio Carnival?

Do not miss the vibrant, fun filled, exotic gay carnival events. They notch up the entertainment at the Rio Carnival. An essential part of the Carnival is the gay street parties, carnival balls, nightclubs and circuit parties. Throughout the city, many GLS clubs also have their own celebrations.

Now is the time for you to enjoy the spectacle of drag queens and transvestites dressed in an amazing range of colorful, extravagant and very often preposterous costumes. They are given preference on center stage on all Carnival nights. Rio’s gay carnival events promise you nonstop entertainment.

Farme de Amoedo and its Strapping Barbies

On all five nights, Samba dance and music reign not just at the Sambadrome but take over the whole city. You can join gay carnival events at the street parties which are free and open to all. The biggest gathering of gays is at the Farme de Amoedo situated at the beginning of the Iapnema beach. Come here and enjoy one of the largest gay parades. Steep yourself in the local atmosphere at the numerous cafes and bars in the area, thronging with brawny Barbies, as well as a mixed crowd.

You must visit the Praca General Osorio where gays, queens and public party throughout the night in a major gay Carnival celebration hosted by the Banda de Ipanema. Join in the never ending fun and frolic. Or you can listen to the Banda de Ipanema one of the leading bands, famed for its strident style. The band performs for three nights before and during the carnival.

The Carnival’s Gay Balls inclines

The Carnival reflects the City of Rio and the world tends to evaluate the city accordingly.

But it also has a wider scope with numerous diverse gay carnival events going on right up to Ash Wednesday. One of them is the magnificent Gay Costume Ball hosted by the Scala Rio Nightclub. The whole country watches the live broadcast of a series of gay Carnival Balls held by the club.

Celebrities, glamorous personalities, gays, drag queens and transvestites come to the Scale Rio Nightclub on Carnival Tuesday. They flaunt graceful and sometimes bizarre finery providing great entertainment to the public waiting outside the club as they walk the red carpet to the club. Make sure you book well in advance as tickets for the Ball sell like hot cakes.

The Scala has moved from Leblon to a new address in downtown Rio at Rua 13 de Maio, 23, Centro, Rio de Janeiro.

Alternate Music at the Carnival’s Circuit Parties

Want to experience something besides Samba? The best bet is the huge gay circuit parties held all over Rio.

The largest is X-Demente held usually at Marina da Gloria along the Guanabara Bay or Lapa at Fundicao Progresso. However the venue changes each year. There are other extraordinary gay carnival events. Keep yourself free for Carnival Saturday.

It is the day for the infamous B.I.T.C.H party managed by the Barbies. The setting is either at the abandoned railroad station in downtown Rio or at a park in Barra. Also drop in to the circuit parties of the Gloria locality, and discover exciting ‘electronica’ music.

Gay Carnival Celebrations at Night Clubs

Gay night clubs host trendy and elite gay events for the whole Carnival week. Premier clubs, The Week, To Nem Ai and the Galeria G, hold parties on all nights of the Carnival.

Galeria G is known for its chic exclusive events. While To Nem Ai on the Farme de Amoedo attracts huge gay crowds. Want to listen to some more electro music, hit The Week in downtown Rio. The icing on the cake, however, is the legendary theme parties of Dama de Ferro in Ipanema, and Fosfobox and Le Boy in Copacabana.