The Electronic Rio Music Conference

The Electronic Rio Music Conference

Rio Music Conference - a Thrilling Meeting Point for Electronic Music Lovers in this Part of the World.

Rio’s Electronic Music Conference

From 2009, the Rio Music Conference has been the sole platform in the southern world for everyone connected with electronic music. It gives them the chance to update themselves on new technologies and extend their interests. The main aim of the conference is to set up an association of not just artists and fans, but importantly of producers, marketing professionals and celebrities of the electronic music industry.

A bonus is that everyone can look forward to some great carnival events at the time of the conference. The previous Rio Music Conference was a categorical success and the next conference is expected to be an even bigger hit.

Electronic Music Professionals and the Conference

The two days of the Rio Music Conference is a marketing professional’s dream as there are a wide range of panel discussions, workshops and seminars held by leading music companies.

You’ll see marketing agencies, record companies, radio and television companies, sound and video engineers, technicians, DJs and others related to the industry. Music and Samba have always been important Brazilian traditions. But over the years Brazil has kept pace with the growing trends and changes in entertainment and has adopted new music genres like electronica.

Brazil is now a leading player in the world’s entertainment and music industry. Several workshops on creative presentations, DJing, marketing and industry information, attract not only industry experts but also the media. The Rio Music Conference is the perfect venue for the electronic music industry to showcase its products, services and future trends. In the time honored carioca tradition, the conference winds up with hectic partying for five days during the Carnival.

Displaying Top Products and Talent

Over 800 companies of the entertainment and music business put up stalls at the conference, displaying and selling their products and services. The Trade Fair gives participants a good chance to clinch business deals with suppliers and clients as well as market them to thousands of visitors to the fair. Major participants at the 2012 Trade Fair were Café Del Mar, DJ Lab, Dance Fuel, 3 Plus Talent, Ingresso Rapido, Rio Festa, Tropical Beats and others.

Festivities at the Rio Music Conference

It is not just business, the Conference also holds a Music Festival during the Carnival drawing one of the biggest gay crowds as well. The festival is held on the two dance floors of the Marina da Gloria at Av. Infante Dom Henrique.

The foremost DJs of electronic music, belt out the best tracks keeping the frenzied gathering on their toes. Celebrants at earlier conferences were fortunate to listen to the sensational Axwell, Bob Sinclair, Booka Shade, Dave Clarke the Techno pope, Armin Van Buuren the trance specialist, Fatboy Slim, Leo Janerio, Wehbba from Sao Paulo and many more.

You can expect more top performers and the best DJs at the next Carnival with more than 40 events. The conference music events are held at two places, Ipanema and Copacabana.  Rio Music Conference tickets include VIP booths which have to be reserved in advance.